What's Included

  • 71 page workbook with quizzes, worksheets, guides, recipes, grocery lists and more!

  • 4 Week Complete Meal Plans (2 streams to choose from: meat and vegetarians). Nutritional breakdown included for each.

  • Exclusive access to our private online community - the #ketotribe! You'll find encouragement and a safe space for asking questions, sharing wins and challenges

What People Are Saying About Keto Clean

Maggie M

Maggie M

"I went from a size 16 to a 10 and have kept it off. I even threw out a whole garbage bag of my "fat" clothes. I feel amazing and powerful. I am super grateful for this group - it keeps me on track and I always feel supported."
Karla S

Karla S

"I just started Keto Clean a week ago and I am already down 8 pounds! Woohoo! I am super excited to keep going!"
Sherri M

Sherri M

I joined Keto Clean with Dr. Stephanie since she first launched it. I have lost 25 pounds in 4 months and have kept it off. My joint pain is minimal now, and I am more active now. I feel great!
Michael M

Michael M

Starting Weight: 208 pounds. After Keto Clean: 167 pounds. Waist: I had to resize my belt three entire holes (literally went to a renaissance fair in the fall and found a leatherworker to completely redo it!). It took three holes on a belt to keep my pants up. Shirt: I went from shirt size XL to Medium!!!! Health: I stopped getting sick... I actually got a cold recently and it was gone within 24 hours. My immune system has never been this powerful. And this is huge...I no longer need TUMS every morning! I ran my first 5k run!
Cassandra A

Cassandra A

I lost 20 pounds (that's the same as a car tire) in 11 weeks on Keto Clean! I am over the moon!
Skeeter S

Skeeter S

Week 3 and I'm down 15 lbs!
Shawn B

Shawn B

In 6 days I dropped from 200.6 to 194.0 which I am really stoked about. This was with no real exercise as work has been busy. On the 4th day. I bought some Keto test strips and they've been dark purple with each daily test. I can tell I've switched away from sugar-burning. I do feel way better!
Lisa P

Lisa P

Today I hit 135.9 lbs 😲!! I haven’t seen that number in over 6 years!! I am in some comfortable size 6-8’s!!
Julie L

Julie L

My check-in after completing a week of Keto Clean yesterday : I lost 6.4 lbs and 0.5 inches of my hips and arms. That a pretty good start!
Dag A

Dag A

Just finish my 28 days, I went into this diet because of my diabetes and weight loss. I have lost 15.2 lbs , lost 6" off my waist and 5" off my hips. And my blood sugars have been perfect!! , I am 62 and I don't think I felt better since my 30's, so much more energy and clear mind. Great program with lots of information and support. Well continue with the clean keto diet it has already become part of my daily life.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Keto Clean Quick Start Guide

    • Thank You {And Special Bonus}
    • Welcome Message From Dr. Stephanie
    • Master Resource List
    • How to Use The Keto Clean Program - A Quickstart Guide
    • How To Use The Keto Clean Facebook Group
    • Commitment Contract [+ DOWNLOAD]
    • Goal Setting Worksheet [+ DOWNLOAD]
    • Food Intolerance Quiz (And What To Do)
    • Sugar Burner Quiz, Weight Tracker, Keto Clean Journal (And How To Use It)
    • Symptom Tracker Worksheet
    • [UPDATED] The Latest Keto Clean Workbook
    • Prep Week Quiz
  • 2

    Keto Clean 101

    • Assignment #1 Pantry Clean Out
    • Assignment #2: Creating The Keto Clean Kitchen
    • Supplement Stores - USA & Canada
    • Open Office Hours about Supplements
  • 3

    Keto Clean Principle #1 : Liquid Meals

    • Optimizing Digestion - The #1 Rule On Keto Clean
    • Quiz - The #1 Rule On Keto Clean
  • 4

    Keto Clean Principle #2: Structuring Solid Meals

    • Building Your Meals + 4 Week Meat-Based Meal Plan & Nutrient Breakdown
    • Keto Clean Vegetarian Meal Plans: 4 Week Meal Plans & Nutrient Breakdown
    • 5 Minute Keto Clean Meals [When You Don't Feel Like Cooking]
    • Stay Keto Clean Compliant: Restaurants & Travelling
    • Quiz : Keto Clean Principle #2
  • 5

    Keto Clean Principle #3: Safe Sugar Detoxification

    • The Keto Flu [Video]
    • Safe Sugar Detoxing & Circumventing The Keto Flu
    • The Keto Flu
  • 6

    Keto Clean Principle # 4: Dr. Stephanie's Guide To Fasting

    • Dr. Stephanie's Guide To Fasting
    • Coffee, Tea, & Exogenous Ketones
  • 7

    Keto Clean Principle #5: Healing Your Gut

    • Healing Your Gut With Resistant Starches [And How To Use Them]
    • Open Office Hours about Resistant Starches
    • Quiz: Resistant Starches
  • 8

    Keto Clean Principle #6: Dealing With Self Sabotage & Mindset

    • Meet Your Inner Critic
    • 5 Stunning Things About You [Yes, You]
    • Obituary Exercise
  • 9

    Next Steps

    • Congrats! Here's What's Next...
    • Open Office Hours on What to do Next!
    • How Did You Do?

We Are Here For You

  • Evidence Based

    Keto Clean has integrated the best and latest science-based research. Our protocols are easy to understand, and distill the literature into actionable, measurable results.

  • Community

    Welcome home. Our online community of awesome folks are here to support, up level, and encourage you along the way.

  • Measure & Manage

    Trackers, worksheets, quizzes, journals, and success checklists are provided for you to track your progress. As you gather data about yourself, you can see and track your changes over time.


  • Is this a group program?

    Yes! This is done with a group. Our private community is a safe space to celebrate your wins, and get help with challenges. We also have weekly "ask us anything" coaching calls to make sure you are getting guidance where you need it.

  • How long is the Keto Clean Program?

    It is designed as a 28 day cycle. Some people, depending on how much weight loss is desired will need to go through the 28 day cycle a few of times for best results.

  • I'm going out of town next month, will I be too far behind?

    Nope. You can start the program whenever you want.

  • What else do I need to buy to see results with your program?

    Nothing. The Keto Clean Program is all you will need to see results. We do recommend supplements that will amplify your results, but they are suggestions, and not necessary to be successful on our program.

  • What if I have trouble accessing the program, or have a question? How can I get help?

    We have a technical support team that will help out with any problems accessing the program. If you have a question about the program, ask! We have weekly open office hours where we answer your questions to make sure you are making progress. If you can’t make our open office hours, you will be able to submit your questions beforehand, and we will make sure we answer them for you.

  • What if I don't like it? Can I get a refund?

    We are certain you are going to feel amazing and see results on this program. If you reach out after 28 days, and show us you have kept up with the work and somehow still haven't seen results, we will happily return your investment. Please read our refund policy for more details.


Stephanie Estima


Stephanie Estima

Dr. Stephanie Estima is an expert in metabolism and body composition. Using her framework, The ESTIMA Method™, she is particularly focused on distilling strategies in nutrition, movement, and mindset to actualize human potential, longevity and achievement.